When a retired airline pilot was in the market for a new home, the team over at New York City-based Urban Office Architecture decided to put him right back in the sky where he belonged. Named the “Aviator Villa,” this jagged, glass-encased dwelling turns a passion for planes into high-flying real estate.

The idea of flying is embedded right into the architecture of the Aviator Villa, starting with the exterior. In order to give the impression of a plane’s dismembered pieces, the outside is exposed to the elements on all sides like the fuselage of a plane. These parts are also durable and can withstand any threatening outdoor conditions. When talking about the exterior, one cannot ignore its stark geometric presence, amplified by the unique contour of the windows. By hugging the home on all sides, the windows allow for maximum use of natural light during the day. They are designed with glazed panes mounted on riveted metal frames and further screened by perforated metal paneling. These elements help replicate the texture of clouds while mitigating the sun’s rays and producing calming shadows.


The fact that the home is elevated, as well as situated between a small lake on one side and a swimming pool on the other, further creates the illusion of floating up in the sky. Meanwhile, the main “cabin” is comprised of three major areas: the expansive living and kitchen spaces, a library, and an upstairs complete with an office and cantilevered 40-foot master bedroom. By being secluded from the rest of the interior spaces, the bedroom succeeds as a serene, final resting place for the day.

Oh, we almost forgot… a long driveway leads up to the residence, just like an airplane runway.

See more photos of the Aviator Villa here.