If you’re already a fan of Coolhaus's adventurous creations, you’ll love their new book: Coolhaus Ice Cream Book: Custom-Built Sandwiches with Crazy-Good Combos of Cookies, Ice Creams, Gelatos, and Sorbets, hitting shelves on May 20. Mixed amongst the recipes and tips on churning out the best batch of peanut butter captain crunch, fans of the national brand can also expect to see profiles of major and up-and-coming architects because, believe it or not, it was never just about the cookie.

In addition to a sweet tooth, the “architects” behind Coolhaus share a mutual background in the design and real estate fields. Co-Founder Natasha Case was studying the relationship between food and design, or “Farchitecture”, in her graduate architecture program when the idea came about. The duo was passionate about Bauhaus, an influential modernist design movement of the 1920s and 20s and Rem Koolhaus, a famous Dutch architect and theorist (see where they got their name from?). Inevitably, the worlds of architecture and dessert collided, forming what is now celebrated as architecturally-themed ice cream sandwiches.

morphosisThe new book sheds light on the deconstructed flavor profiles of their inventive cookie and ice cream combinations, which bear puns like the Renzo Apple Pie-Ano (oatmeal raisin cookies and baked apple ice cream), the Mies Vanilla Rohe (Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream dipped in salted caramel milk chocolate rolled in crushed pretzels) or the Norman Bananas Foster (banana ice cream with butter-y rum reduction swirl). The founders wanted to make knowledge about architecture and design fun and accessible for consumers, and judging by the way an average person can take down a Louis Ba-Kahn (chocolate chip cookies and brown butter candied bacon ice cream), we think they succeeded.

Each “cool house” is made using sustainably produced, hormone-free dairy and fresh, local ingredients. Pre-order your copy of their new book here, or visit their two Southern-California storefronts in Culver City and Pasadena.