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A+D Museum’s ‘Modern Homes’ Salon Visits The Orlando House, June 8

by | May 30, 2014

The Agency is proud to be sponsoring the Architecture and Design Museum’s Modern Homes: A Salon Series, the next of which will be held on Sunday, June 8, at the Orlando House, a stunning contemporary masterpiece in San Marino designed by architects Richard Keating and Bonnie Khang.


“From the moment one steps over the koi pond and past the ancient redwoods at the Orlando House, one is enveloped in a park-like ambiance,” writes A+D. “Cool travertine floors invite you to pass over and into the gracious and abundant garden where guests gather poolside and stroll on the lawn.”

As the architects note, the home is unique in San Marino in that it is designed to achieve the dignity of the surrounding neighborhood homes built during various periods of history.

Located across the street from the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino, the home offers a gorgeous spot for a summer salon. Guests are free to tour the home and enjoy custom hors d’oeuvres and beverages provided by Peroni Italy and Tender Greens.

Richard_Keating_14.jpg.jpg“The A+D Museum Modern Homes Salons give access to private homes of exceptional architectural design which aren’t accessible — unless you’re friends with owners,” says The Agency’s President and Co-founder Billy Rose. “Keating and Khang are personal favorites, and each of these once-in-a-lifetime glimpses are not to be missed.”

This series, which is co-presented by Angeleno Magazine, offers four unforgettable events at world-renowned contemporary homes. The first salon, back in March, took place at Hyon Chough’s home, a beautiful Mulholland Drive estate designed by DesignArc.

Join Billy and other architecture enthusiasts for what is sure to be a memorable event. The salon is open to the public, but a ticket is required. Purchase one here.





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