Mirage-by-Kois-Associated-Architects_dezeen_784_0This week we take you to a unique house embedded within the rocky Greek island of Tinos — though on first glance, you might not even see it. This is because, when looking out across the blue vastness of the Aegean Sea, you almost don't detect anything at all resembling four walls and a roof.

Called the “Mirage House”, this dwelling was always intended to be an “invisible oasis” where residents could enjoy panoramic views without giving up any privacy. Designed by Kois Associated Architects, this stunning display of architecture usesMirage-by-Kois-Associated-Architects_dezeen_784_3 a rooftop pool as a means for both shelter and camouflage. “The living space is covered by a rimless pool that produces a visual effect of the water extending to the horizon, vanishing and merging with the seascape,” the team told Dezeen in a recent article. “The mirroring pool of water carefully positioned on the landscape evokes memories of the optical phenomenon of the mirage from which the project was named.”

To further match the existing context of the island, materials were taken directly from the local Greek landscape and integrated into the home’s design. As a result, you see an abundance of white, dry stone surrounding sections of the interior and Mirage-by-Kois-Associated-Architects_dezeen_784_4also framing the building’s entrance. Situated on a natural plateau, the site allows for a simple, single-storey layout including 3 bedrooms, a separate kitchen and an outdoor living room. During the day, the water reflects the surroundings, and during the night, it reflects the star-filled sky.

"Kois Associated Architects’ site-specific, innovative design takes in to careful consideration the topography and the views," comments Billy Rose, President and Co-founder of The Agency. "Kois should be commended for its successful execution on the concept that good architecture should integrate with its surroundings."

Take a closer look at the Mirage House in the gallery below.

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