Top10_Speed boatsIf you’re looking for a flashy new toy this summer, forget about a car ­– it’s all about the speed boat. Sure, owning a speed boat is about about recreation and fun summer times, but it’s also about turning heads. Here are The Agency’s pick of 10 luxury speed boats that are guaranteed to knock your cap off.

1. XSR 48 from XSMG

The self-proclaimed “Bugatti Veyron of the sea” is supposed to be the fastest diesel boat out there, capable of clocking speeds over 100 miles per hour. At $2 million though, this sleek power player is probably not for the casual boater.


One of the leading names in speed boats is Donzi, and the 38 ZR Competition is one of the brand’s best. The 38-foot boat has a streamlined body and a competition pedigree. It comes outfitted with a pair of engines that produce 1,075hp each ­– a whole lot of bang for your buck.donzi-38-zr-competition


Cigarette is probably the most well-known name in speed boats, and this particular model was inspired by a famous supercar, the Mercedes SLS AMG. As such, this boat was developed with input from Mercedes AMG, and the eye-catching ALUBEAM silver paint and crazy 130 mph top speed certainly make you feel like you’re driving a sports car on water.


This sporty-type boat, priced at around $500,000, is 42 feet long and features an aft deck ideal for sunbathing. It is a gorgeous specimen, and even has a convertible hardtop.


MasterCraft X35 is a bargain compared to the others, priced at just under $100,000. It’s ideal for a couple who want to have an ocean getaway for a day or two. This baby features wraparound seating, a built in refrigerator, and even a sink.

Speed boat


Priced at $800,000, this luxury speed boat is manufactured by Cruisers Yachts, and it is all about lifestyle. The 48-foot cruiser is perfect for people who like to get away and entertain – there are two bedrooms inside, with baths, and two salons. Outside, enjoy U-shaped seating that converts into a sun lounge, along with a refrigerator, ice maker and grill.


If you thought the 48 Cantius was expensive, check out this speed boat, which costs a whopping $1.8 million. This ultra-sleek heavyweight uses ‘skyhook’ technology, which makes it stable even without dropping anchor. The 540 Sundancer can comfortably accommodate up to six guests, and hi-tech amenities include laundry facilities, a 32 inch flat screen TV, iPod dock, hi-def surround sound system, and an electric sun proof.


Based off a design by legendary boat-builder David Burgess, these bad boys have spawned an entire race circuit, the Formula 1 on water. They may not look like traditional luxury yachts or speed boats, but if it’s adrenaline you’re after, this is what you want. F1 These boats are powered by a Mercury Marine V6 that can propel the boats to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than two seconds and to a maximum speed of over 250 km/h (155 mph).

Speed boat 2

9. AZIMUT 48

This 48-footer costs $1.1 million, and it provides the perfect ocean getaway. The Azimut 48 boasts large side windows that allow for great interior natural light and ocean views. There’s also plenty of deck space for sunbathing, and it even has an integrated outdoor cockpit with a salon.


Ferretti is a name that lives and breathes luxury, and while they excel at super-yachts, they also make some wonderful smaller speed boats. The Altura 690 is a motoryacht AFT Cabin combining the technological innovation of over 35 years of research, and its sophisticated wood-paneled exterior has a traditional, classy look. As expected, it’s also chalk full of amenities.