Don’t be fooled by the pile of washed chinos, sharp mannequins, and oxford and paisley necktie display at the new brick-and-mortar on the menswear-centric shopping stretch of La Brea Avenue: it may look like a normal retail store, yet you won’t see any shopping bags here.

That’s because Bonobos, the largest originally online-only menswear brand in the United States, has decided to do retail a little differently.

“We think service is more important than instant gratification,” Andy Dunn, Bonobos co-founder and CEO, told the LA Times. “What’s the benefit of walking out of the store with a bag of two shirts and some pants if it’ll be on your desk the next day?”

To echo that sentiment, each of the company’s "Guideshops" feature salespeople, or "guides," who assist customers with trying on their slew of signature chinos and menswear. Usually accompanied with a beer, guests figure out their perfect size during these one-on-one appointments so that they never have to play the dreaded guessing game while shopping online again. Blending in-person interaction with brand loyalty, the idea is to connect guests with the brand without having to fulfill their order at point of sale.

So, why L.A. for the company’s latest outpost? Aside from the city’s casual yet sophisticated style—which compliment chinos so well—it’s the region’s burgeoning presence as a shopping mecca that most attracted leaders to plant roots. “We knew that when we were building this guideshop we needed to build something that catered to the customer here,” explained Tyler Kantor, the store’s manager. “And if there is any time to experiment with a great focus on technology and enhancing the customer experience, L.A. is the place to do it.”

In fact, the new location is the first store to feature the SELFY, a camera that takes photos through a full-length mirror. After taking the pictures, customers can then send them by email and text others for comments on their potential new look, explains the article.

Best known for their ultra-comfortable, flattering chinos, which feature curved waistbands, the company also has an expansive collection that includes $700 suits, $65 swim trunks, $100 sweaters and $400 shoes. Stepping into their new 1,500 square foot outpost on La Brea is met with sleek, movable clothing racks, couches and blocks where garments are displayed.

Bonobos, 101 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.