Interested in experiencing a slice of L.A.’s vibrant art scene? Go no further than Culver City this Saturday for the debut exhibition of Kaleidoscope, a collaborative evening celebrating live art, music, dance and film. Part art gallery, part staged performance, this event will capture the senses with dynamic movement and color in an ever changing dialogue.

As the founders of Kaleidoscope, Alexandra Palmer and Kelsey Alexander dreamt of “creating a space where the lines of visual and performing arts are blurred to create a thought-provoking sensory experience." Translation? Guests are meant to not merely be observers but also participants, as there is a structure and flow to the overall presentation of Kaleidoscope, but elements of improv music and dance as well as live art being created will mix together to create something distinct.

In addition to photographers and live musicians, the performance will incorporate dancers who are primarily from the Los Angeles area, a number of which are also featured members or alumni of Pepperdine University’s dance company, Dance in Flight.

The audience is invited to walk around the gallery, sit or stand and take in the performances, and converse with one another over light snacks, beer and wine which will be included with the purchase of their ticket. Designed as a show to stir and inspire, Kaleidoscope encourages all who attend to find beauty in their everyday lives.

Kaleidoscope will begin hosting events throughout the Los Angeles area in photography studios and art galleries with their first exhibition taking place this Saturday, August 9. Admission is $25 online or $30 at the door. Snag your tickets here.

8443 Warner // Culver City // Saturday, August 9 at 7:30 p.m.

Photo credit: Jena Willard