For this edition of our Eye On Architecture series, we travel down under to the coastal city of Sydney where one home’s design leaves you wondering how far you would go for uninterrupted ocean views.

The “Cliff House," as it is known, not only sounds like the title of a terrifying thriller but plays upon the fear of heights by literally hanging off the side of a cliff. Daring and bold, the idea for the home was inspired by a nautical fascination for the way barnacles cling to a ship’s hull. There to conceptualize plans was the team at Australian design firm Modscape, whose modules can be used to create a huge variety of configurations to suit any space.

modscape2The idea would be to create the five-story house using a series of modular sections that can be lowered down the cliff and anchored using engineered steel pins. You may notice that the roof of the house sits level with the ground, which begs the question: how do you enter? Rather than a standard entrance, a car port would lower residents down into a concealed garage on the top floor. Each subsequent floor is comprised of a different living area—bedroom, kitchen, living room—that can be accessed by the use of a lift.

modscape4According to the design team, the “home is visualized as a natural extension of the cliff face rather than an addition to the landscape, creating an absolute connection with the ocean”. They also adopt a minimalist approach for the interior spaces so that little (even furniture) can detract from the main areas of sweeping glass. “The transcendent views of the ocean and the unique spatial experience of the location remain the integral focal point of the design,” states the article. One thing’s for sure: you’d never have to worry about a subsequent neighbor encroaching on your panoramic view.

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