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Pippa Lister: ‘My Life At The Carlyle Residences’

by | Sep 5, 2014


Our My Life at The Carlyle series takes a look at the remarkable individuals who call The Carlyle Residences home and discover what they love about living at the premier address on the Westside. Today we feature Pippa Lister, founder of Synergy Matchmaking, who has, shall we say, “met her match” when it comes to choosing the right place to live in Los Angeles. As a resident of The Carlyle for over a year now, Pippa is happy to share how living in a luxury condominium simplifies and accommodates her busy lifestyle.

As a professional matchmaker, you must be very intuitive of your surroundings and people in general. How would you describe the lifestyle at The Carlyle Residences?

02_Home01Pippa Lister: One of the key factors in me choosing The Carlyle was because of its absolute discretion and consideration of its residents’ privacy. The staff manages to elegantly and seamlessly protect the many high profile residents who live there. On top of that, they are able to secure private entertaining spaces, which are perfect for holding meetings, dinner parties and events.

How would you describe living in a luxury condominium to somebody who has never entertained the idea before?

PL: The beauty of living in a luxury condominium I find is twofold: first, the fabulous amenities. The Carlyle has a pool, Jacuzzi, commercial bbq area with seating, extremely well-equipped gym, entertainment space, a private dining room and commercial kitchen. Additionally, each resident has their own private wine storage.

Second, the convenience and ease. I’m personally a big fan of keeping things simple—life is complicated enough! The 24-hour concierge is always on point to valet my car with a smile, take up my groceries, and welcome me home. The reception/concierge staff is always happy and eager to help. In my career, you become extremely adept at reading people—the energies, agenda, natural unmasked person beneath—and in my opinion, it’s the staff that make it such a pleasure to come home to.

What are five words that best describe The Carlyle Residences?

PL: Regal, elegant, understated, exquisite and warm.

How is The Carlyle the “perfect match” for your lifestyle?

PL: Being a big traveler myself, I find The Carlyle is the perfect fit. It’s completely safe and secure. I walk out of the building knowing the staff is aware of exactly who is allowed access to my apartment in my absence and who is not, and if there is ever any question, I get a phone call and email to clarify. As a single woman this provides me with absolute peace of mind.

What is your favorite place to dine nearby The Carlyle Residences?

PL: I love Katsuya in Brentwood for the most fabulous sushi. It’s a cool, retro, sophisticated, laid-back scene. Banderas Piano Bar is a lot of fun, too; especially for happy hour with its energetic live music!


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