First impressions often start with a firm shake of the hand, maybe a crisp suit and a nod of confidence. We know an exquisite time piece wrapped around your wrist can immediately set you apart as a distinguished gentleman. The perfect watch is a mark of distinction, a conversation starter and a trinket that can be handed down from one generation to another. This is a gentleman’s club of high end watch collecting and it is a privilege awarded only to the elite. Entry is saved for those that are driven, worked hard and have arrived at place of personal success. A responsibility has now been bestowed to carry yourself in the highest degree.

Welcome to the world of luxury wristwatches

Kevin Rose, a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur whose mobile app development shop called North has released a few socially targeted apps, is switching gears and carving out a niche with the wealthy world of watch collectors. The first of its kind, Watchville, a native experience aggregates all of the top news from high end luxury wristwatch brands into one enjoyable swipe-happy experience. If the detailed images of the inner working gears, crystal faces and rare alligator skin straps of the watches are not enough, the design of the app is ultra sharp.

This idea lives as a native app to create a distinct user experience, as opposed to content that were to live on the web alone. It welcomes users into explore a world of luxury and craftsmanship. Marked by black and gold, colors defining power and luxury, the design is a sleek flat layout which elevates the user viewing experience. The design makes sure not to detract the eye, while giving the ultimate focus to the beautiful watches that line the news feed. With three viewer modes for the user to navigate, from original web browser to the built in viewer that removes ads and clutter (for now). This mode is very enjoyable to flip through real time articles in a clean magazine like spread.

Watch This

A top feature of Watchville’s ios App is that it boasts an internal clock that averages the accuracy from 96 servers so you do not miss a single tick or a tock. There is also a moon calendar for you to set your watch to the lunar cycles, and a leap year calendar as to never miss the mystery of your good buds birthday that only comes once every four years.

We hope that future additions will track other planetary or astrological phases. There have also been hints at an ebay-esque market for enthusiasts to buy and sell these timeless works of art.

Find out more about Watchville here. Watchville is available for free on iOS.