French luxury lifestyle brand Baccarat has illuminated Rodeo Drive for the holiday season in celebration of its 250th anniversary and the centennial anniversary of the City of Beverly Hills. The installation is in partnership with Gearys Beverly Hills. Baccarat has lined the famed street, known for it's high-end fashion, with 16 of its iconic chandeliers, a total estimated value of approximately $1 million.shutterstock_7667221

In a branded statement, Mark Tronstein, the president of the Rodeo Drive committee said, “Rodeo Drive’s classic holiday décor celebrates the season with artistry and style. This elegant installation creates a festive atmosphere for the Beverly Hills community and all of Rodeo Drive’s visitors during the holiday season.”

Each chandelier was handmade for the event and features more than 500 hand-added crystal drops. Holiday shoppers can enjoy some of the finest crystals in this one-of-a-kind display high above Rodeo Drive's lit palm and birch trees.

Check out the video of the installation here.  Baccarat crystal chandeliers will be on display on Rodeo Drive until January 1, 2015.