Not all presents fit nicely underneath the Christmas tree, but that’s no reason to skimp on the presentation, especially if what you’re gifting is a sleek new car. If you’ve already purchased (or thinking about purchasing) fancy wheels for that special someone, you’ll probably need a few tips on how to leave the right impression. Luckily for you, Los Angeles Magazine has the answers that will leave your gift gleaming from headlights to bumper.

1. The Large Bow

Call it cliché, but the sight of a brand new car with a bright big bow on top is downright irresistible. Gift givers can either go to craft stores like kingsizebows.comMichaels to buy the necessary materials or purchase giant car bows at sites like Amazon, eBay, and a website called

2. Giftwrap It

To transform an automobile into a wrapped present, try not to actually cover the car in wrapping paper. Instead, place decorated poster boards inlarge-news_5204 the windows. Gift-wrapping the car’s manual is a nice touch, as is arranging smaller gifts on the hood. Go the extra mile by topping it off with ribbons and helium balloons. Just remember to “unwrap” before taking it on the road.

3. The Sexy Garage (or driveway) Lure

This method takes a little animation but is well worth the effort. While leaving the room to “use the bathroom” won’t raise suspicion, calling your recipient once you are safely sprawled out on the hood of the car—in your pajamas—certainly will...especially if you have a pad like this one.

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