London’s latest home to hit the market is not only fully furnished and turn-key ready but comes with a family of four—dolls, that is. The 5-floor townhouse, commissioned by Dragons of Walton Street in collaboration with Savills global real estate, may come in miniature size but holds a mighty price tag of $40,000.

Mom, dad, little girl and baby boy are all seen celebrating around a Christmas tree in the living room of their glorious, 15 room estate. With all the modern luxuries they could ask for—remote control lighting, modern kitchen appliances, fireplaces and chandeliers—this family may never want to leave their 6,045 square inches of dollhouse bliss. However, if they do choose to swing open the facade doors and venture to town, they’ll do so in their stylish (and tiny) Silver Ghost Rolls Royce.

stream_imgIt took a team of talented designers working with iconic brands to create a dollhouse that is both charming and unprecedented. Elegant features include the Nina Campbell wallpapers, real marble entrance hall, individually laid parquet flooring, and Beatrix Potter artwork inside the nursery. Among the decadent floors are three bespoke Dragons rooms that each display handmade bedding and hand-painted furniture, a trademark of the London-based company.

Dragons of Walton Street will be donating 10% of the proceeds of the sale, which, together with Savills ‘agent fee’ will be given to St. Michael’s Fulham, a charity specifically set up for young people by young people to help equip them with skills for life within a positive and nurturing community.

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