If we are to believe that the wardrobe makes the man, then behind every wardrobe is an equally smart and stylish closet. Details Magazine recently rounded up five such closets that fit the bill. Their online story, “Real Estate Porn: Homes With Incredibly Spacious Closets”, featured two homes that are currently listed with The Agency, and considering their ample space and masculine allure, men should feel free to take just as much time as their dates to get ready.

details-best-closets-2014-leadAt 534 Crestline Drive in Brentwood, step into an art gallery-like space where every piece of clothing is properly arranged and concealed behind dark wood cabinetry. Those who are naturally organized and tidy will appreciate how every square inch of this room is maximized: from the floor-to-ceiling compartments to the drawers and open-air shelving, every item in your wardrobe has its designated space. Glass doors flaunt shiny silver handles while interior lighting works to elegantly showcase your next outfit. This celeb-worthy closet also features a center island, perfect for storing small accessories like watches and wallets.schuyler-road-3

The second property showcased in the article is 1514 Schuyler Road, a Sunset Strip Villa located in Beverly Hills. With jet-black wood cabinetry tucking away your boxers, tees, and sweaters, it’s impossible not to feel like a VIP while getting good and ready. Notable custom features include a special hanging rack for belts, a glass case for watches and cuff links, and racks installed at the perfect height for collared shirts, folded slacks, and sport coats. In addition, there’s a separate shoe closet for effortless, grab-and-go styling.

Read the full article here, and take a closer look at the closets inside The Agency’s 534 Crestline Drive and 1514 Schuyler Road.