Collaboration—one of the concepts that distinguishes The Agency from the frenzied luxury real-estate pack is accentuated in the architecture of The Agency’s own Beverly Hills office. That ethic now holds some awards luster as The Agency and Interior Design Hall of Fame member Hagy Belzberg and his design firm, Belzberg Architects, have officially been bestowed Interior Design’s Best of Year recognition as Best “Small/Creative Office."

Belzberg Architects have been awarded the honor specifically for their work in condensing work-spaces and redistributing densities to create the collaborative dynamic that speaks to the culture here at The Agency.

Ignoring the traditionally isolationist cues of the brokerage world, The Agency’s open floor plan coaxes community and conversation at every turn. From its centralized amenities to the abundance of "teepee" like meeting oases of white lacquer exteriors and corporate crimson interiors, agents are given the floor to cooperate with one another in the best interest of every client.

In addition, the layout takes full-advantage of the teeming natural light of Beverly Hills, as the office sits amidst four lush gardens that bask in the sun, greeting guests and employees alike.

Adorned with a rotation of paintings curated by D2, the space is much more than just the whitewalls and expanse of square footage, but the lifestyles we choose to cultivate.

A full read-through in the architectural vision and execution for The Agency can be found here.

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