This month, the City of Los Angeles and the Getty Conservation Institute launched HistoricPlacesLA, the first comprehensive digital portal designed to inventory, map and contextualize the city’s cultural heritage sites. With approximately 25,000 resources (and counting) already in the database, there’s no shortage of historic buildings, parks, and districts that Angelenos and tourists alike can utilize.

“Our team has been making its way down every street in L.A. to identify potential historic resources,” said Ken Bernstein, manager of the Office of Historic Resources. “The first step in protecting our city’s heritage is identifying what and where our historic buildings actually are.”

Beyond giving one the ability to map out their own personal walking tour or discover iconic locations, the site serves as a resource for real-estate developers who can explore a neighborhood’s architectural style and determine a lot’s administrative zone. “HistoricPlacesLA gives developers and property owners critical upfront information that they can use in the planning process,” explained Ken.

Users can access information in a number of different ways. Click on featured categories such as the entertainment industry or modernism, search by parameters like date of construction or inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, or view a map of L.A. and then click on markers designating places of interest.

The Agency’s own founding partner Aileen Comora, a strong supporter of architectural preservation, recently interviewed Linda Dishman, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Conservancy, to discuss protecting, revitalizing, and honoring our past. Read the full Q&A here.