What do mason jars, hipsters, almond milk, and espresso have in common? The hotness of the coffee scene in Los Angeles right now to be exact.  Zagat recently featured LA’s hottest coffee spots, highlighting the newest trends and old reliable constants pouring over the city. From the pour-over places to out-of-town brands and local roasters alike, pop in for their known specialties and enjoy an ounce of happiness that only caffeinated goodness can bring.

The baristas at these hot spots are not simply able to operate a register or greet you sweetly at a much too early hour, but are talented artists who are able to create a masterpiece in a mug. Not only artists, but the individuals behind the best brews know coffee as a science, concocting the perfect proportions of milk to espresso, have a thorough knowledge of the roasting process, and understand how important the temperature of the liquid is when brewing the perfect cup. Charles Babinski, the co-owner of G & B Coffee and Go Get Em’ Tiger has placed second in the U.S. National Barista Championships for the last three years in a row, and in 2015 won the event.  

Zagat recommended must-order items for each coffee house listed.  At the Melrose located Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, the must try is a macchiato in a special hand-dipped chocolate waffle cup. For those wanting a traditional cappuccino, stop by Menotti’s in Venice. Whichever hot coffee-haven you decide to experience, it is guaranteed to be good.  

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