Design and Wine is a high-tech and eco-friendly escape offering a one-of-a-kind experience that blends traditional charm, modern elements, and suites that rotate 35 degrees, two times per day.  Fall asleep to the views of the Santa Tecla Mountains and awake to the peaceful scene of the Minho River.

Located in Portuguese Wine Country and mentioned in Forbes Life, the four-star hotel is the innovative creation of Pedro Guimarães, a man who received acclaim for the design of Vodafone Headquarters Building in Porto, Portugal.  With Design and Wine, Guimarães desired to transfer that new-world aesthetic look and bring a fresh feel to the luxury hotel business.

The hotel offers artistic and culinary accents, from solar panels that power the property to a focus on local culture and cuisine, care has been given to the entire property’s design concept.  Each of the twenty-three rooms interior look has been influenced greatly by painting, graphic design, street art, or fashion.  The surrounding area offers activities that include cycling, wine tasting, old-world buildings, and some of the best beaches that Portugal has to offer.

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