For Jon Mut, founder of Boswell Construction, approaching his craft is just as much about building homes as it is about building relationships. The Southern California company prides itself in exceeding the expectations of its clients, tracking every aspect of a given project from the initial bidding stage, to ensuring a safe job site and to finally handing the client keys to their completed home. We sat down with Jon to talk about the art of marketing luxury homes in Los Angeles and where you’ll be compelled to kick off your shoes.

How did the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and your subsequent non-profit work, help to shape your client-centric philosophy?

Building for a cause other than the bottom line allowed me to develop a true love for building. Knowing that many of the projects that we work on are going to be “forever homes” for our clients gives us a sense of pride; we want to make sure that the process of developing and building their home is as enjoyable as the days they actually live in it.

Tell us about your particular approach to designing 3542 Knobhill Drive, your most current architectural listed with The Agency?

The vision for 3542 Knobhill was that of an entertaining house. What drove the contemporary design was the large expanses of windows and sliders along all the common areas. We aimed to bridge the gap between a warm design and modern.

For someone who has never seen the house and property, how would you describe the experience of being there?

When I walk into 3542 Knobhill, I tend to let out a “sigh” of relief, for the design of the home lends itself to an incredibly relaxing experience. Sitting in the living room, turning on the surround sound with your phone and enjoying the breeze that blows in through the 20’ foot Fleetwood pocket doors—it’s the kind of property that beckons you to go barefoot.

Marketing techniques have reached new heights these days, including capturing drone footage, creating custom print and digital brochures and even partnering with brands and restaurants to host exclusive VIP events at residences. Does this represent a new level of artistry in marketing and selling luxury homes?

It absolutely does. The VIP experience gives prospective buyers a preview of the way many of the houses we build are meant be “lived in” or “used”. The houses we build are architecturally beautiful and welcoming to guests, so these events only speak to the philosophy that they should be enjoyed.

How does this approach help to paint the lifestyle for a prospective buyer?

When someone owns art, they put it on display. Constructing homes and living in them is another form of art, which in itself must be presented.

What would you be doing if you weren’t building and designing homes?

My background is in finance, specifically accounting. I would surmise that I would be an accountant BUT nothing can take the place of building homes. Shortly after graduating college, I received an offer to be a financial analyst for a large financial firm, yet after just 3 weeks I missed building and the gratification that came with it. As you can infer, I returned to what I do best (construction).