The Agency’s Paul Lester and Hoojung Lee, Director, Art All Ways, hosted an Art Soiree event at The Agency's Brentwood office this past week with artists Jeremy Kidd and Karen Bellone.

Guests mixed and mingled while enjoying light bites and cocktails while admiring the curated collection hanging on the office walls. Jeremy and Karen spoke on their pieces currently showcased in the Brentwood office.

Jeremy Kidd is currently working with photography as his main medium and blending his best shots into one piece. These urbanscapes are photos from multiple perspectives, Jeremy uses hundreds of these photographs to build his pieces. The result is an irregular shaped artwork that connects back to Jeremy's sculpting background.

Karen Bellone, a photographer who also works in film, is currently working with the moon's light from it's full stage. She referenced a Sam Fuller quote to explain her works, "life is in color, but black and white is more realistic."

Paul, a lifetime supporter of the arts, had this to say about the event:

Since the inception of The Agency, and with my involvement as a founding partner with the company from its earliest days, I vowed for us to have a commitment to the arts and design on many levels. Coming from an earlier career as a performing artist and dance professional out of New York I have been determined to involve the arts in whatever venue that we could to support the creative elements as we grow as a company. Today we have successfully curated the walls of all of our offices now with ongoing and changing art work. Our Art Salon Evening events are an extension of that work that is yet another way to bring the artists and creators of the work to the forefront, highlight their creations, and connect with the public in an intimate setting. The Brentwood evening is a great example of that. My hope is to make our Art Soirees an ongoing event that benefits and elevate us all. -- Paul Lester, Partner and Founder of the Agency

Visit The Agency's Brentwood office to see more of these amazing pieces from Jeremy, Karen and many other artists. For more information on Art All Ways, please call 323.449.2451.

Check out more photos from the event below.

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