Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary continues to be the talk of Main Street with special nighttime parades, firework shows and dazzling decor bringing joy to the young and young at heart all summer long. In honor of the park’s diamond celebration, we decided to ask our own agents to recall their favorite memories—after all, many of them grew up in Los Angeles or have kids of their own experiencing Minnie and Mickey for the first time. Perhaps their childhood flashbacks of “the happiest place on earth” will help spark your own.

“So many fantastic Disneyland memories...the first that comes to mind are the ticket booklets, with attractions designated in denominations from "A" to "E". The "E" ticket was the most desirable as it got you into all the most thrilling rides (Matterhorn, Small World, etc.). I also remember being at the park during my 8th birthday, which coincided with the opening of the Haunted Mansion, and I remember how spectacular all the holographs and cars that swiveled jerkingly around were to my impressionable eyes. And I will never ever forget the smell of Disneyland—diesel fuel is very nostalgic.” —Aileen Comora

“I just took my two kids (4 & 8) to Disneyland and the sights, sounds and smells of walking onto Main Street were just as magical today as when I was their age visiting with my folks. Holding their hands and watching them take it all in was pretty special. That essence of Disneyland has never changed.” —Jeffrey Sandorf

IMG_4856“I’ll always remember waiting in line to get on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (pre-Captain Jack Sparrow) and getting increasingly nervous as we got closer to the boats. The darkness of the water, the rumors of a big drop...that all frightened me to the point where as we boarded the ride, I crawled onto the floor of the boat and “hid”. When my mom asked what I was doing down there, I responded “Sshhhh...pretend I’m not here”. As a kid, believing that no one could see me meant that nothing bad could happen to me. I think I still feel the same way!”—Jonathan Ruiz

“My husband and I turned our recent trip to Disneyland and California Adventure for it’s 60th Birthday into a mini family vacation. The look of pure delight, happiness and excitement that I see in my three children’s eyes every time we go to this magical place are surely the same look I myself had every time I was brought here as a child.  Experiencing the Disney brand and all it has to offer is a part of our American culture—even Walt’s story was one of the American Dream. I believe our lives would be missing something if we didn’t have that cute little familiar mouse or this enchanting park to come to.”Azy Farahmand

Make the most of your time at Disneyland during this anniversary year.