The Agency is proud to announce that Nile Eckhoff will be joining the team as Associate of New Development based in the Bay Area. Earning his Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from San Jose State University, Nile brings extensive knowledge in commercial real estate to the table.

From property management to overseeing the operations of a commercial sales team, Nile has worked in various sectors of real estate and is steadfast when it comes to assisting developers who must bring their housing to market in a timely fashion. His current role will involve supporting and working side by side with Stephen Saffold, Managing Director of Bay Area New Development for The Agency, who shares that, “Nile’s well-roundedness makes him a great asset to the team. On the technical side, he is skilled at a variety of design and database tools, while his cultural literacy and visual sensibilities enable him to navigate challenging projects. We are lucky to have him.”

A proud Bay Area adventurer, Nile enjoys exploring all the neighborhoods that make the region a globally recognized destination, from San Jose to Oakland to Marin. “Change is what keeps the city exciting,” claims Nile. “If San Francisco never changed this place would be boring. Venturing from one end of the Bay to the other is how I remain connected with everything the region has to offer.”