The Marathon du Medoc gives running, racing, and rehydrating a whole new meaning. Set in the Bordeaux region of France, the world’s longest and most interesting marathon takes participants on a path lined with wine tasting, foie gras, oysters, steak and ice cream, all of which are local specialties. Health focused or not, the experience certainly draws crowds. Over 35 countries were represented in last year’s race and the competition to participate is intense. 40,000 applications were submitted and only 10,000 spots were open to competitors.

If the appeal of wine instead of gatorade or water was not enough to draw interested individuals, additional flair is added as athletic gear is replaced by carnival-themed outfits. The catch with fashion choice is—the more extravagant the better. A writer for The Guardian who ran in last year’s race reported that the experience was, “Brilliant.”

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