The latest movement in food converging on the City of Angels according to Refinery 29 is highly reminiscent of a favorite trend in fashion: high-low pairs. Restaurant establishments and chefs are creating foodie finds that marry luxury fine dining as part of a second, more causal location. Examples of this trend popping up in Los Angeles can be seen in Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s casual French bistro located in Hollywood, placed immediately next door to the coveted eating establishment of Trois Mec. Michelin starred Providence by Michael Cimarusti finds it’s relaxed counterpart in a casual seafood joint and newly opened Jon & Vinny’s discovers a neighbor in the owners’ other project, the very elegant and much more adventurous restaurant Animal.

“I think the trend [in elegant juxtaposed with casual] will continue for a long time,” Chef Ludo says, “Chefs want to reach a broad spectrum of guests and they want different dining opportunities— whether it be from a food style standpoint or a different price point. I believe chefs will continue to push the restaurant styles and concepts they create. It's exciting.” Pushing concepts isn’t simply due to a desire to reach a larger economic scope, but also serves the purpose of allowing chefs and owners more creativity. Additionally, in a city where location and real estate can be in high demand, space often dictates an establishment’s branding, concept, and place within the market. As the concept of ‘two’ builds momentum, guests will discover options to enjoy the talent of amazing chefs at varied price points. Chef Ludo says, “The complementary aspect is like the ying to its yang — very different, but together make up the whole.” 

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