Swiss designer-turned-New York resident Suzanne Syz could not have predicted that a lunch fifteen years ago with Elizabeth Taylor would birth a career as a jewelry designer, but it did. It was a turquoise necklace that Suzanne made for herself and wore that day to lunch with Ms. Taylor that created a field of work and art. Since that day the iconic actress purchased the lovely necklace, Suzanne has left her mark on the contemporary jewelry world with playful pieces that are light and lively; interpretations of nature, childhood and fairy tales. Suzanne’s adventurous personality is displayed in the materials that she uses, and her new collection reflects the way that she purposes traditional stones and metals in an innovative manner. 

The designer’s inspiration stems from a deep appreciation for contemporary art beginning in the 1980s as she associated with the genius of Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Julian Schanbel, Francesco Clemente, and Jeff Koons. Suzanne’s creations reflect these influences and upon her frustration that most luxury jewelry was uncomfortable and heavy, she created her own line. The fun and whimsy of her fashion accessories may fool some admirers into not recognizing the pieces as high-priced or high-end, but to Suzanne, that is fine. “The stones look good, the wearer looks good. Nobody needs to know [the cost]. Just you need to know,” she says. The latest Syz collection will be on exhibit at Masterpiece London June 25-July 1. 

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