Following the release of its annual “Celebrity 100” round-up, a ranking of America’s most powerful stars, Forbes once again compiled a list of where these top earners are looking to buy property. Spoiler alert: a majority reside right here in Los Angeles, and who better to divulge on what these celebrities desire in a home than The Agency’s President and Co-founder Billy Rose?

“Certainly the number one thing they’re looking for is going to be privacy,” he tells Forbes in the article titled, “Homes Of The Highest-Earning Celebrities In 2015”. The feature goes on to quote Billy:

“In the City of Angels, many home-shopping celeb clients bring their security detail to check a potential home from every vantage point." These would be homes with gates, hedges and multiple entrances where getaway cars can escape undetected. “I like to call it stoparazzi,” Billy says of these features.

The article goes on to highlight several other amenities that rank high on celebrities’ wishlists. These include panic rooms, premiere sound systems, high-end screening rooms and homes enabled with “smart” technology to allow for seamless control of temperature, lights and water features with the touch of a phone.

To learn more about which neighborhoods in Los Angeles are especially dappled with the famous, read the full article.