Do you desire to design your own version of Richard Branson’s exclusive Necker Island escape with a week onboard the catamaran Necker Belle? Have you dreamed of a private heli-tour that exposes views of New Zealand’s most awe-striking landscapes? These are only a couple of the best luxury travel experiences currently happening on the planet. From Iceland to the Serengeti, by private jet or swanky cruise ship, each one of the eight experiences mentioned by CNN Travel are sure to be unforgettably rewarding and one-of-a-kind. 

The opportunity to see Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps in an over 18,000 square foot vacation property is yours for the classy price of $80,000 per night. With bulletproof glass, private elevator, helicopter pad, fitness area, spa and an alumni that includes the likes of Rhianna, Bill Gates, Matt Damon and Mikhail Gorbachev, one is certain to feel pampered, secure and be among the select elite. For those who crave more movement, booking a South American cruise aboard the Seven Seas Mariner invites guests to momentarily settle into destinations like Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and other Caribbean gems along the journey. If private jet is your way of seeing idyllic corners of the globe, let a Cessna Citation take you to Australia’s most alluring locations. 

There are a limitless amount of ways to experience the world, especially if cost is no barrier. There are excuses as to why one should not “go and become wonderfully lost.” As it is said, “travel is the only thing that you can buy that will make you richer,” and every savvy and successful individual can appreciate a good return on investment. 

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