A $25,000-a-night penthouse suite with a diamond ring, a $10,000 “Martini on the Rock”, luxury hotels and restaurants are going to great lengths to conceive new and extravagant concepts to entice the luxury clientele. “People of extraordinary wealth want a story you can tell, or an experience you can share on social media,” branding expert and chairman of Landor Associates, Allen Adamson, explained to Bloomberg News. And what could make a meal or hotel stay even more lavish than diamonds.

Not to mention the free press that a martini-soaked gem can garner for an establishment. “The world of luxury branding is quickly becoming the world of can you top this," explains Adamson. Storytelling about experiences is becoming as important as the experience itself.

“Receiving a diamond as part of a hotel or dining package makes an impressive social media post and a unique story for cocktails party,” he adds. Beyond social media, selling a martini garnished with a diamond can get you national TV and print media coverage.

Feeling thirsty? The Algonquin Hotel’s Blue Bar in New York serves a “Martini on the Rock”, priced from $10,000 to $15,000, requiring 72-hours notice and a meeting with the hotel’s jeweler.

The New York Palace Hotel teamed up with jeweler Martin Katz to create the Jewel Suite - a $25,000 per night 5,000-square-foot luxury penthouse that comes with a complimentary Diamond Microband Ring, valued at $2,500.

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