You can now turn to your mobile device for just about anything, whether in need of fashion inspiration, the latest luxury watch, a private jet for a last minute holiday or all-around VIP treatment, it’s no secret that the world is accessible from a phone. In a recent article documenting current styles, highlighted were five phone apps touted as being absolute necessities within the luxury sector. 

One of the top luxury apps, VIP Black, dubbed the “Millionaire’s App,” requires that members verify their net worth and once that is established, individuals can experience VIP treatment across a broad range of activities. From private yacht bookings to exclusive island vacations or on-demand concierge services, this app truly allows for luxury at one’s fingertips. For those looking for an app with a focused approach to the luxury lifestyle and desire a boat charter or private jet, GetMyBoat and Jetsmarter is the ideal approach. The respective apps allow for clients to book yachts or jet travel from anywhere in the world. In the realm of luxury watches and high-end fashion, tech keeps pace with two apps that include wristwatch news and a social shopping network that operates by invite-only.

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