Blog_BroadAhead of the wildly anticipated grand opening of their new L.A. art museum, The Broad, Edythe and Eli Broad recently opened their home, itself a work of art, to give a glimpse of their extensive personal art collection and exquisitely designed residence. The Brentwood estate, featured in Architectural Digest, is full of unique pairings and unexpected materials. The home, built with art in mind, has a design that reflects boldness with an attention to spatial relationships and artwork.

The Broads appreciation for contemporary artwork and post-war pieces has led to over 45 years of collecting, creating a home that is not only a work of art in structural form, but filled with rare works that add life and feeling to the space. Noteworthy pieces present include the 1967 painting, Flag by Jasper John’s, and a silkscreen by Robert Rauschenberg depicting John F. Kennedy. So devoted to the arts are the Broads, that the lower level of the two-story home is dedicated as a gallery, shared only by a guest quarters.

Indoor and outdoor elements blend seamlessly throughout the estate. Inside the residence, one is greeted by a free-form stainless-steel ceiling based off original designs by Frank Gehry but completed by the architectural firm, Langdon Wilson. Although Gehry didn’t finish the project, the home remains stamped with his signature style, unchanged for more than two decades. Changes have been made to the interior, with the latest updates added by designer Rose Tarlow. Rios Clementi Hale Studios is credited with the grounds surrounding the home, creating a sanctuary of peace away from busy Los Angeles life. “It feels like country living,” comments Edythe Broad.

Over the years, the couple has invested in the Los Angeles community and beyond, their philanthropic touch evident through the dedication of billions of dollars to America’s Public Schools, nurturing the arts, and advancing medical research. Thanks to their endeavors, the burgeoning Los Angeles art scene will continue to soar with the highly anticipated opening of The Broad Museum. This cultural destination will offer patrons a chance to discover select works of Eli and Edythe Broad’s roughly 2,000 piece collection, many of which have never been viewed by the general public. The inaugural exhibit at The Broad is set to open on September 20, 2015. Fittingly, the museum will neighbor Walt Disney Concert Hall, an architecturally rich creation that would not have been realized had it not been for the Broads’ extensive fundraising efforts.

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