One Gun Ranch in Malibu is a biodynamic farm that creates organic produce for local markets. The Ranch is privately owned by Alice Bamford & Ann Eysenring.

We sat down with them to discuss green living and life on the Ranch.

_MG_3930.CR2.pWhy do you think it's important to live a Conscious / Green lifestyle?

We've only got this one planet, so we need to take care of it! We are using up vital resources at a more rapid pace than ever and not giving planet earth time to breathe and replenish. At the ranch, our main focus is soil health. Without healthy soil, you won't be able to grow healthy plants. At the ranch, all our produce is growing in our own biodynamic compost, so we know it's getting the very best nutrition!

What is the most challenging aspect of living a Conscious / Green lifestyle?

We live in such a fast-paced environment, where convenience usually outweighs anything else!

We travel more and move more. We are able to have something shipped across the world in a few days! All of this requires more plastic for packaging and fuels to get around. We all know how detrimental things like plastic water bottles and utensils can be, and yet in our current society the demand for cheap and quick is still on the rise.  The news can be so discouraging. We constantly hear about oil spills and global warming.  We remain hopeful that if everyone does their part, all those little changes will add up to a huge shift!_MG_6116.CR2.p

Have you noticed a shift in the climate since your childhood?

Absolutely! We love to quote food writer Michael Pollan.  He's become famous for writing books about where our food comes from. Even he admits that a book about where food comes wouldn't have been published 75 years ago, because everyone knew where their food came from. With supermarkets and the move away from farms, there grew a large disconnect from our food and luckily many people are looking to reconnect.

_MG_5283.CR2.pWas there an event / experience that influenced you to live a greener life?

The owners of the ranch have different experiences that brought them to start the green lifestyle here. One of whom saw the harmful health effects of pesticide use right here in California and the other, who grew up in the UK, comes from a family that has been the leader of organic farming for years. You have the two sides of the story coming together to promote sustainable agriculture and spread that message to Malibu and the L.A. area.   

Have you seen a positive effect of healthier eating / living in your own family?

The team at the ranch all support the mission of the ranch and are strong believers in what we are trying to promote!

What are some easy changes we can make to live a more conscious life?_MG_4636.CR2.p

Vote with your dollar!! We say, you pay the farmer or you pay the doctor. Invest your money and invest your life in people and corporations who are doing what they can to protect the environment. The stores will only keep stocking pesticide-laden produce in our stores if we keep buying them!

What initiative / Green charities are you involved with?

Global Green, Garden Builds with UCLA, hosting students for volunteer opportunities, free tours for schools and nonprofits.