Blog_WalkingTours New York City is one of the oldest and most dynamic cities in the world. The history, the people, the sights – there’s so much to see and do that even the locals can’t say they’ve done it all. The next time you’re in town and itching to do something different, get to know the city with these walking tours that will show you a slightly different side of NYC.   Ghosts of New York Tour Just when you thought you’ve experienced it all in New York, a ghostly experience awaits. From the East Village to the Upper West Side to Grand Central Station, you never know when the ghosts of John Lennon, Eleanor Roosevelt and Harry Houdini might appear on the Ghosts of New York Walking Tour. Led by guides, the tours make stops in various “haunted” neighborhoods where you might even witness an exorcism. Touting itself as the “oldest and best all-year round Ghost walking tour,” it’s sure to leave an other-worldly impression of the city.  “Official” Gangs of New York Tour Experience the notorious Five Points where some of the most brutal gangs in New York’s history collided. Get a glimpse of what life was like for the Dead Rabbits and Bowery Boys, and infamous gang leader William “Bill the Butcher” Poole, who inspired Martin Scorsese’s 2002 film Gangs of New York. Stops include Murderer’s Alley and the ironically named Paradise Square. Street Art Walk Tour One of the best ways to explore a neighborhood is through its art. And as street art goes, New York has some of the highest concentrations of the art form. Don comfortable shoes, bring a camera, and join a former street artist as he schools you on the different mediums and techniques. As you explore Bushwick and Williamsburg, see works by Invader, Reka, Mr. Toll, Willlow, Sweettoof, C215 and anything else newly on the scene.  Foods of New York Tours Eat like a local with a food tour that takes you on a culinary journey to some of the hidden gems in New York, all by neighborhood. Discover the birthplace of the Oreo cookie or grab a bite at the same eatery that Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan frequented. In a city as diverse and eclectic as New York, you’ll you never have to try the same thing twice. Shop Gotham Tour The shopping in New York is unparalleled, and if you’re in town to go on a spree, the Shop Gotham Tour is the way to go. Get right down to business at hidden sample sales, celebrity hot spots, and wholesale showrooms that are otherwise not available for walk-ins. Tour goers also get access to exclusive discounts and perks.