Blog_The Must Have List- Luxury Travel Accessories The discerning traveler packs a precise and well-rounded bag that boasts both useful and luxurious necessities to make any excursion comfortable and enjoyable. That said, we’ve curated a list of several items that will help you travel in comfort and with flair. For holding your passport, consider the Louis Vuitton passport cover. Not only will it protect your most important international documents, but it allows for easy organization of multiple boarding passes. For tracking your luggage, consider the LugLoc. Merely pack the tracking device that features GSM and Bluetooth technology, within your suitcase and download the app that traces your bag as it makes its way around the world. If the bag is in close proximity, say at the baggage carousel, you’ll be able to find it that much easier. Whether poolside, at the beach, or even enjoying a hot soak in the bathtub, the Mini Jambox is a necessity for traveling with sound. This compact bluetooth speaker is lightweight and will show itself useful in a multitude of circumstances. While traveling, noise cancelling headphones can be your saving grace; providing reliable protection from environmental bother. Even in business class you may encounter audio disturbances or unpleasant aircraft noise. Bose’s QuietComfort 25 headphones block out the unnecessary. With the unpredictable temperature changes one encounters while flying from one climate to another, it’s imperative to layer. Take along a timeless wrap, like this Burberry sheer mega check scarf in camel. The ample size can be styled a myriad of ways, keeping you warm and draft-free as you travel the globe.