P.S. ARTS The Agency’s Cindy Ambuehl partnered with chairperson Lisa Kudrow for the 2015 annual P.S. ARTS fundraiser, “Express Yourself.”  Dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing high-quality arts education to California’s underserved public schools and communities, the annual event celebrated P.S. ARTS' 25th anniversary. Their largest fundraiser of the year, P.S. ARTS and sponsors created a fun-filled day that gave about 1,500 adults and children an opportunity to experience the joy and creativity that nearly 25,000 students discover everyday in California's P.S. classrooms. Blog_PsArts3 Cindy, alongside Duck Brand and Priceless Interiors, created a whimsical Moroccan-inspired bedroom and creative space with the theme, “Home is Where the Art is." For the event, Duck Brand provided rolls upon rolls of their colorful tape for children to create and decorate crafts. Blog_PSArts1 “P.S. ARTS is making a difference in the lives of countless children who would otherwise not have access to art education,” said Cindy. “The Agency, Duck Brand, Priceless Interiors and I are so pleased to do our part to support this wonderful organization and the important work that they are doing in our community and throughout southern and central California.” Click here more information on P.S. ARTS.