Blog_Bulletproof2 If you've chosen to forego your morning Starbucks for "grass-fed-unsalted-butter-and-Brain-Octane-oil," also known as Bulletproof Coffee, you're in luck. With the flagship location in Santa Monica, David Asprey, the semi-controversial founder and visionary behind the concept, recently announced his plans to open a secondary store on the ground floor of the One Santa Fe Building (300 Santa Fe) in the Arts District, by the end of next year. "Bulletproof Coffee" has been gaining momentum nationwide thanks to Asprey. His indispensable ingredient is "Brain Octane Oil" – which is an odorless and tasteless oil sourced from coconut and palm kernels. According to Aspey, when you drink the oil in conjunction with Bulletproof's "Upgraded coffee beans" (which are trademarked), you will gain hours of energy,  "support ketone production" and experience support at the cellular level. Be on the lookout for the grand opening of the larger Bulletproof Coffee space that has been designed, "to make you perform better and feel different, even if you don't know why." Asprey has planned for the Arts District location to include some of the same experiences and amenities found at his flagship Santa Monica location; including, but not limited to "electrically grounded," lighting that changes color to sync up with your circadian rhythms and access to Bulletproof's branded technologies (like the Vibe, a whole-body vibration plate).