Blog_Tag_watch When the Apple Watch hit the market, it was a call for Swiss watchmakers to step up and join the digital age. Tag Heuer has partnered with Google and Intel to create the first ever Swiss-made smartwatch; The Tag Heuer Connected. The $1,500 Android Wear smartwatch will rival the Apple Watch in terms of high-speed functionality, user engagement, and sleek, interactive screen. Designed to look like a traditional Tag Heuer timepiece, it doesn't give off the appearance of being "too techy" and is modeled after Tag's classic Carrera racing timepiece. Design is paramount for the luxury brand; the watch boasts a 46mm build and is made from titanium, giving it an overall weightless feel, not to mention it’s made with sapphire crystal and is water resistant. Though Tag Heuer’s partnership is with Google, the watch will be compatible with iOS,  and can configure to all your favorite apps, from Android and Apple. There are also a series of Tag Heuer-developed apps that are exclusive to the Tag Connected, including ones that let you track your golf game or search for restaurant recommendations. The watch also emails, texts, calls, maps, searches and features 4GB of storage. The timepiece comes with three watch faces, all Tag Heuer in design. The brand will also introduce watch faces designed with its ambassadors Tom Brady, Cara Delevingne, and Leonardo DiCaprio to further the allure of the accessory. The Tag Connected is currently available in 19 retailers across the United States and Canada.