Blog_Aston-Martin-5a Lot 215, set to be auctioned off in the Sotheby’s auction on December 10, is set to fetch anywhere between $15-17 million dollars. The 1962 Aston Martin DB4 GT is number 14 of just 19 DB4 GT’s ever made and is considered by many to be both a historically significant machine and a groundbreaking work of art. Blog_Aston-Martin-6aIn the early 1960’s Aston Martin and Ferrari were in a heated battle for supremacy in the World Sports Car Championship. Competition was fierce. Aston Martin introduced the DBF GT, but it wasn’t enough. So, they approached Italian legacy coachbuilder, Carrozzeria Zagato, to produce a new car that was both more attractive and competitive than its predecessor. Zagato went on to unveil what was considered to be his finest design: the DBF GT Zagato. The award winning luxury automobile has won numerous awards at European and American concourse events and is unquestionably, the most desirable and attractive iteration of the acclaimed DB4. Blog_Aston-Martin-3aWith only 19 DB4 GT’s boasting Zagato’s impressive coachwork, merely viewing the car is a dream few realize.  So treasured by their owners, not a single example has traded hands for the greater part of a decade. The Aston Martin DB4 GT is an engineering masterpiece and a design icon that not only pushed the envelope of performance but features impeccably handcrafted aluminum bodywork worthy of inclusion in any art museum. Click here for more information regarding the auction.