Blog_ArtBasel3 For several days in early December, Miami Beach morphs into the global center of contemporary art. Now through December 6, the world’s art elite, trendsetters and billionaires flock to the Miami Beach Convention Center to view and invest in pieces from the world’s finest artists in nearly every genre: from painting, sculpture, installations, photographs, film and more, all in the name of Art Basel. But is it all about art? No. blog_ArtBasel2In fact, with more than 267 leading galleries from North American, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa showing significant work from masters and the emerging notables in the art community, the exhibition draws more than 70,000 visitors each year.  Among these visitors are cultural connoisseurs and investors of every manner and interest. Art Basel, the world's most exclusive art exhibition, actually presents an ideal opportunity for real estate professionals to showcase new developer and real estate projects to the social elite. Alongside stunning works of art, developers and agents introduce high-end properties and new projects that are in the works – the ideal pairing. Blog_ArtBasel6In its 14th year, Art Basel continues to attract some of the most prestigious and respectable real estate developers, artists, tastemakers, celebrities and innovators drawn to the creative electricity found in and around the annual exhibition. Click here for more information on Art Basel, Miami.