Blog_NorthBank The most significant changes in more than a century are happening in London's North Bank. This unique and storied stretch of the city is in the midst of an exciting master plan shake up that's injecting approximately $12.8 million USD into a historic slice of central London that will include a revamp and luxurious new residential options. Blog_NorthBank2Currently crowded and lacking overall space, the new face of the North Bank will include an updated riverside promenade; a decluttering of key areas, including the Charing Cross station, improving historic streets and introducing specific lighting to highlight the celebrated architecture. The town will once again offer a rich mix of entertainment, prestigious boutique hotels, an increasing number of niche shopping opportunities and corporate excellence. Blog_Northbank3The focus of the North Bank plan is on luxury. For example, a two-acre development of 206 apartments set around a private garden will be erected. Named 190 Strand, it will be the first housing development in the district in more than a century. Pricing will start around $2.1 million (given today's current rate). Additional existing homes have been split into stylish flats that will resale from $3.7 million USD.  There are even cul-de-sac residences located within intimate pockets where the medieval street pattern survives and where luxury living can start as low as $1.3 million USD. Click here for more information about the North Bank transformation.