Barneys_9 Steeped in tradition, Barneys New York recently revealed their four holiday window scapes created by scores of artists, artisans and creative innovators celebrating the theme, "Chillin' Out." Under the direction of Creative Director, Dennis Freedman, the visual team began working on the 2015 displays directly after removing the displays from the year before. This year-long endeavor is painstakingly planned and then erected in the New York flagship Barneys windows and provides seasonal merriment to all who pass by. This year, Barney's New York teamed with some of the world's most creative individuals as they conjured up their icy visions. Renowned glass artist Dale Chilhuly, luxury automaker Lexus, Utah-based Ice Castles and the artist collective, Okamoto Studios, along with the powerhouse animators from Invisible Light Network and technological miracle-workers, Christie THREE SIXTY, created four installations that are larger than life. "Winter Brilliance" by Dale Chilhuly Barneys_4a Featuring more than 700 hand-blown glass elements, the piece represents frigid winter and takes the form of a grand crystalline explosion set above a reflecting pool. The final results give the impression of ice crystals frozen in midair. Lit by Christie THREE SIXTY the pieces uses 3D digital mapping and choreographed effects are projected on the glass, creating illusions of moonlight on snow and ice and more all paired with a modern adaptation of a score by Claude Debussy, one of Chihuly's favorite composers. "Arctic Chase" Barneys_5a The inspiration for this "cool" window is Penny, the high-octane, thrill-loving and very chill penguin. The Barneys team collaborated with Lexus to reimagine the class childhood "Penguin Chase" toy that sends the chill birds around a track, blowing it up into a full-size racecourse through an icy mountainscape. The installation includes an animated short by Invisible Light Network, three crystal-encrusted penguins and more. "Ice Castles" Barneys_6header Utah-based Ice Castles was challenged by Barney's to create an installation within the confines of the Madison Avenue display that depicted the immense ice formations set on the tops of mountains. A one-of-a-kind ice locker was custom-designed and built to maintain the optimal conditions for ice, and from there it took two weeks of 24/7 care by three "ice farmers" and 500 gallons of water to grow and harvest more than 2,000 individual icicles. The structure receives a steady mist of water, allowing the shapes to morph and grow over the course of the installation as they're backed by an original score by Hannis Brown. "The Ice Carvers" Barneys_7a World-renowned ice carving collective, Okamoto Studio, brings a live performance element to their window, as the team of ice sculptors appear in their glass-fronted studio now through December 31, transforming blocks of crystal-clear ice into holiday-themed works of art. Wearing custom gear by Thom Browne for Moncler Gamme Bleu, the sculptors work within the same custom ice locker as Ice Castles. As always, the Barneys windows are a sight to beholden and offer memories joyous enough to last a lifetime.