Blog_Workout6a There are more than a few benefits of living in Southern California. Ranking among the top are the vast exercise opportunities. Shake up your routine and consider adding these options to your must-try workout bucket list. Stand-up Paddle-Board (SUP) Yoga First there was yoga; then there was stand-up paddle boarding. They've met and married in this challenging, yet calming class that is do-able for beginners or advanced yogis. The SUP boards are connected together and each individual board provides a substantial platform for yoga poses. Expect to be a bit wobbly – everyone is. Enjoy this incredible workout surrounded by gorgeous sea blue views for miles. Blog_Workout4aTrapeze Not for the faint of heart, but full of strength and cardio training, flying through the air 23 feet off the ground is certain to get your adrenaline pumping. This exhilarating class will help you face your fears as you glimpse the stunning backdrop of Santa Monica Beach when you enroll at the Trapeze School of L.A.   Blog_Workout1a Silks Aerial Training Not only is it artistic and ethereal to behold, but aerial training is a also complex total body strength and endurance workout. At Wildman Athletica, you will experience a full joint mobility warm up and a workout wherein you will use the action of pulling your body to increase core strength and develop strength and grace.   Blog_Workout3a Pop Physique You'll feel as if you're dancing when you take the Pop Physique class. Born as an art project, the pop physique concept is simple: it's sexy, efficient and the coolest workout at the best price. It's a one-hour ballet, barre-based class. Expect improved posture, flexibility, ab strength and tone as well as better body awareness.   Blog_workout5a Richard Simmons Slimmons Studio Yes, famed Richard Simmons is still at it. He opened his exercise studio in L.A. in 1974, and it remains open today. Welcoming people of all fitness levels, Richard's eccentric and up-beat personality translates into excitement, laughter and results as people sweat and get in shape with one of the Fitness industry's biggest names. So, grab your towel and start working out today!