Blog_Estate-Managers-1a Recently, The Agency and founding partner, Paul Lester, joined with the Estate Managers Coalition (EMC) to kick off the new year and spotlight the on-going collaboration between the two organizations. The event celebrated the shared philosophies of both The Agency and the Estate Managers Coalition and also served as an unveiling of the EMC's "Who's Who" of trusted sources; their exclusive Rolodex of vetted professional service providers. Blog_estate-managers-5a"The Little Black Book" made its debut at the event held at The Agency's exclusive development: The Enclave at Century Woods. Within the pages, clients of The Agency and EMC can search a myriad of categories and find the top three vetted choices in each; from gardeners, chefs, auto sales and services to landscape architects, interior designers and more. While all niches offer three fully-vetted and evaluated premium suggestions, the Estate Manager's Coalition has chosen solely one option under the real estate section: The Agency. Blog_Estate-Managers-2aThanks in large part to Paul, The Agency's relationship with EMC has matured and offers incredible value to The Agency clients and friends. "A cornerstone of both organizations is a focus on collaboration," said Paul. "EMC is built on the standards of honesty, integrity and professionalism, and they seek to promote the highest of standards for their clients; precisely what we do at The Agency." Blog_Estate-Managers-4aThe event was co-sponsored by McLaren of Beverly Hills and featured a thoughtful flow; with various vendors highlighted in the book displaying their services throughout the space. The stations of food were curated by Choux Choux LA and included a mashed potato bar, a roasted marshmallow element and wine by Soutirage. A total of 190 were in attendance, including The Agency brokers and agents, EMC members and EMC president and founder, Bryan Peele. Click here for more information regarding the Estate Managers Coalition. To inquire about the Estate Managers Coalition "Little Black Book" recommendations, please contact your realtor at The Agency or Paul Lester. Photos by Tom Pascucci of the Video Syndicate