Blog_La-Bastide4a Recently, a selection of guests were invited by The Agency's Paul Lester and David Solomon to a formal dinner and exclusive tasting of eight generations of Hennessy at the exquisite Southern French Renaissance-inspired estate, La Bastide. Blog_LA-Bastide1aWhen the 28 guests arrived at the ivy-covered estate perched in the hills above Mulholland Drive, they were greeted with hors d'oeuvres from The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and one of five exclusive Hennessy libations. In fact, the formal affair welcomed a member of the 8th generation of the Hennessy family: Maurice Hennessy. Maurice  regaled guests with familial stories and guided them through the tasting of the different levels of Hennessy. The 3-course dinner was created by Chef Erik Kelly and was meticulously planned to complement the Hennessy selections featured, including: the Original X.O, Hennessy 250 Collectors Blend, Paradis, Paradis Imperial and the timeless creative cognac blend, Richard Hennessy. Blog_La-Bastide-9a"We wanted to create a unique experience for our guests that was in line with what La Bastide offers," said Paul. "The intimate setting of La Bastide provided an exceptional opportunity to share this stunning home allowing guests to experience the estate as if they were living there." Thoughtfully designed, all of the interior elements of La Bastide were procured in Europe and assembled in the United States. The 16th-century marble staircase originated from a Spanish abbey and is a centerpiece that sets the tone and level of design and architecture throughout. Elements from the 15th - 18th centuries were imported and thoughtfully included in this 4 bedroom, 5 bath estate, as well. The breathtaking view of the Pacific transports you to a cliffside setting in France. La Bastide features trompe l'oeil and myriad of gilded adornments and custom elements, along with esteemed amenities, including a private library, expansive terraces and a 17th-century stone fireplace. For more information on La Bastide, exclusively represented by The Agency's Paul Lester, David Solomon, Anna Solomon and Aileen Comora, visit the listing page. [gallery ids="89517,89518,89519,89520,89521,89522,89523,89524,89525,89526,89527,89528,89529,89530,89531,89532,89533"]