Blog_RisingGlen The magnificent, gated estate perched above the Sunset Strip, 1709 Rising Glen Road, served as the venue for a recent invite-only intimate gathering and culinary affair. The contemporary home set the tone for the event co-hosted by PARE, which offers "next level dining experiences at L.A.'s most exclusive locations," along with The Agency Co-founder and President, Billy Rose, in benefit of  The Ron Finley Project. Blog_RisingGlen2bThe event's culinary dishes were prepared by PARE, the cutting-edge communal dining experience where each morsel and sip pair together perfectly. The theme of the dining experience, as curated by Chefs Ian Martin and Cynthia Chea Penn, was "The African Dinner," featuring all vegan and raw vegan dishes inspired by African culinary cultures. Among the menu items enjoyed by guests were coconut mushroom ceviche, Arawak jackfruit empanadas with chimichurri, yucca fries and coconut biscuits. Wine was provided by the Luxury Wine Co. Blog_RisingGlen2aThe event supported the Ron Finley Project, an organization dedicated to promoting community gardening and rejuvenation. The mission of the Ron Finley Project is to make South Central L.A. into a well-balanced, fruit and vegetable oasis and to ignite a "horticultural revolution." Click here to learn more about The Ron Finley Project. For more information on 1709 Rising Glen, exclusively represented by The Agency’s Billy Rose, visit the listing page.