Blog_Truffles_1 At The Agency, we make it our mission to nurture relationships and partnerships that offer our clients new and interesting opportunities, and our latest exclusive partnership with Sublime Agriculture does this and much more. The Agency is pleased to work with the best truffle cultivation team in the world to offer our clients an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the ultimate luxury in their own backyard, their very own truffle tree orchard. Starting at less than $5,000, Sublime will plant the highest quality, highly prized inoculated truffle-oaks, manage each tree and cultivate the truffles, an element unavailable anywhere else in the world. Did we have you at truffles? Truffle oil… truffle-infused soup… truffle ravioli… Blog_Truffles_2The trees, which are certified by the world’s preeminent black truffle expert, Professor Pierre Sourzat, will be offered as mini truffle orchards, known as Boutique Truffières, in 15 to 25-tree parcels, which are sure to add value, allure and prestige to your home. Pierre and his team of industry leading experts at Sublime will manage each tree to ensure consistent and reliable production. At a maintenance cost of $150 per month per 15 to 25 trees, approximately three to five pounds can be expected each winter for your culinary enjoyment. Plant the trees to enhance your property, to enjoy the truffle harvest, for flavorful cooking or to give as gifts to friends and family. Sublime also offers the opportunity for commercial-scale truffières (100+ acres), established as long-term joint venture partnerships and managed as exemplary community-based revenue generating sites. Sublime’s mission is to provide employment opportunities for individuals within the Autism Spectrum in high-yield commercial-scale truffières. The team includes the top black truffle cultivation experts in the world and the world’s leading public institution on autism research. Sublime says its approach is simple, fostering partnership in business, quality of product and integrity in people. “We’re thrilled to partner with Sublime to offer this unique and enticing opportunity to our clients and to work with a company with such an established and meaningful set of core values,” said Billy Rose, Co-founder and President at The Agency.   Blog_Truffles_3Though France remains the world’s largest black truffle producer, the global demand for black truffles has been growing exponentially over recent years. The cultivation of the “black diamonds” is now a thriving global industry. Sublime produces over 60,000 truffle trees per year, with a limited supply sold to their exclusive clientele to establish Boutique Truffières. It offers world-class black truffle cultivation services, including irrigation regimen, initial planting, root sample monitoring, distribution and even truffle dog training — Labrador Retrievers trained in the art of truffle hunting. Additionally, the company offers highly personalized truffle tours to the southwest of France every season where an experienced guide takes you truffle hunting in native truffle forests, among a host of other activities. If you’re interested in planting your very own Boutique Truffière or to inquire about pricing, please contact us at