Blog_Maserati3a After focusing for more than 100 years on making some of the world's most luxurious cars, Italian automaker Maserati is debuting its first ever sports utility vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show, an annual international auto event that runs from March 3 through 13. The much-anticipated SUV, named Levante, features hallmarks of the Maserati brand. Blog_Maserati2aWhile a sport utility vehicle, Maserati has not strayed from their  inspiration. The Italian luxury carmaker includes iconic features on the Levante, such as three front vents that appear on every Maserati vehicle. In addition, the signature sophistication that Maserati is well known for is evident in the curvaceous front end, which consists of an upper headlight unit that sits slightly higher than the radiator grill. Yet, it's the mechanics of the Levante that are an appealing departure. Blog_MaseratiaThe Levante is an exquisite combination of outstanding on-road performance, along with excellent off-road functionality. With its electronic suspension capability, Q4 intelligent all-wheel drive, and eight-speed automatic transmission, the new SUV will not disappoint. The Levante also features a 50/50 weight distribution and the lowest center of gravity in its class, both of which bode well for crisp handling. The Maserati Levante will first be available in Europe in Spring 2016, followed by a global release later this year. U.S. pricing will start at $72,000 plus destination and delivery.