Blog_Niniette Bugatti, maker of the world’s fastest sports car, and Palmer Johnson, world’s largest luxury yacht builder, partnered up to design a sleek and sophisticated super yacht, Niniette. Affectionately named after founder Ettore Bugatti’s daughter’s nickname, Niniette takes after the hallmarks of both parent companies. Primarily developed from ultra-lightweight titanium and dark blue exposed carbon fiber, the super yacht exhibits the distinctive style elements of Bugatti’s classic cars, the falling shoulder line of Bugatti Type 57 C Alicante and the balanced proportions of the Type 41 Royale, while featuring Palmer Johnson SuperSport series’ revolutionary hull shape for greater stability. Its craftsmanship features a dual tone deck of blue morta oak warmly contrasted with the high-tech materials, and the interior can be tailored to meet each customer’s desire. Niniette series is available in three models, 42 feet, 63 feet, and 88 feet, starting at around $2.2 million. The central model accommodates 4 guests plus a crew that can enjoy a built-in crew cabin. Topping out at 38 knots (43 mph), this first joint venture rides at a respectable speed for large seafaring vessels. Place your orders early as estimated production time runs 12 months. Click here to check out images and specifications.