Blog_Hennessy Recently, The Agency’s David Solomon, along with co-host Maurice Hennessy, treated select guests to a Moët Hennessy Sensory Dining Experience at 1020 Palisades Beach Road, a stunning residence reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Two separate evenings at the home featured esteemed co-hosts, the first by top Asian retailer of fine spirits and Asian delicacies, Win Hop Fung and the last evening with luxury car retailer, O’Gara Coach of Beverly Hills. Blog_MauriceHennessyUpon arrival, 25 guests were greeted with a handcrafted Hennessy cocktail or glass of Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne with passed hors d’oeuvres that matched the atmosphere. Guests also enjoyed a three-course tasting and pairing menu custom designed for each evening’s affairs by an expert mixologist and private chef. Rare and intimate moments were offered, with Hennessy X.O, Hennessy 250 Collectors Blend and Hennessy Paradis Imperial being showcased as each course began. Blog_1020PalisadesRoadMaurice, an 8th generation family member of the prestigious Hennessy family, was a highlight to both evenings as he recalled fond memories of his upbringing. He delighted guests as he regaled his family’s storied history and educated them on the distilling processes that the exquisite liquor endures in order to maintain its sophisticated blend. After dinner, guests had the option of a cigar pairing with Hennessy for a relaxing way to end the evening while taking in the breathtaking views around the outdoor fire pit. To view the stunning 1020 Palisades Beach Road home, contact David Solomon or Anna Solomon for more information.