Blog_Eataly Twenty acres dedicated to gourmet Italian experience is nothing less than an epicurean’s dream come true. Offering much more than an opulent tasting experience, however, Fico’s Eataly World will be an educational working farm, highlighting humans, our food and how we are all connected to the earth. Render-Feb2016-5-MIPIM-1200x675Divided into six different worlds of food groups (fish, meat and eggs; milk and dairy products; cereals; fruits and vegetables; drinks and dressings; and desserts), the “Disneyland of Food” offers a blend of entertainment and education. People can track food from farm to fork through all the links of the chain, from animals and raw materials to laboratories and restaurants. Park goers can cycle throughout the park on original Bianchi three-wheel bicycles with special shopping baskets, exploring a chocolate fountain, oil mills, truffles area, citrus greenhouses and the artisanal beer factory. In addition to chatting with the best artisans and making homemade pastas, visitors can also try the final product in the park’s 25 restaurants to complete the experience. There is no place in the world where you can experience this wide range of food processing and cooking in a single location. Eataly World is slated to open in late 2017 in Bologna, Italy.Render-Feb2016-14-1200x675 In the meantime, Angelenos can first explore Eataly food courts and grocery market here in L.A. The third location in the United States, after New York City and Chicago, will open in Century City in early 2017. The 50,000-square-feet Southern California Eataly will boast abundant outdoor and rooftop seating to enjoy Italian dishes made with local ingredients. Click here to check out Eataly’s gourmet products, stories and recipes.