Blog_Dream Have you ever considered the power that your dreams may hold? Dream Reality Cinema might have the answer. The first of it’s kind in the world, DRC is a new form of meditation that opens the gates to your unconscious, which may have been shut because of certain fears or forgotten aspirations. Your desires can be explored freely in Dream Meditation viewings by unlocking parts of yourself that you may have unconsciously decided were wrong. blog3Every experience contains a 40-minute video where your focused mind can enter a world of possibilities. Begin by relaxing in zero gravity chairs designed to position your body and make you feel weightless, stress-free and energized. Then, strap on high-tech video glasses and noise-cancelling headphones and become consumed in sound, music and cinema. Dream Reality Cinema was developed by Sandor Lengyel, a Hungarian artist, scientific researcher and modern spiritual teacher. Together with his wife, Dr. Emese Toth, a medical pathologist, published writer, sexologist and teacher in her own right, they created this program to help individuals empower their dreams and envision their goals. Dream Reality Cinema teaches you things you couldn’t learn while awake and leads your mind towards realization and relaxation. Schedule a movie viewing at their Beverly Hills showroom and experience a life-changing meditation in private. It’s just the beginning to take you on a path to clear and alert consciousness to reach your goals.